Venue: Artis Library, University of Amsterdam

15.00 Welcome (Eric Jorink and Jan de Hond)

15.20 Artis Library (Hans Mulder)

15.30 Maria Sibylla Merian Society (Kay Etheridge)

15.50 Portfolio Wiesbaden (on the Surinam album) Joos van de Plas

16.10 A tribute to…(on the Book of flowers) Ella Reitsma

16.30 Exhibition of Merian’s work (from the collections of Artis Library and the Dutch Entomological Society)

17.00 Drinks at De Plantage

































City Library Nuremberg: Influences and Embroidery

In the exhibition 'Maria Sibylla Merian. Flowers, caterpillars, butterflies' the City Library of Nuremberg shows a selection of Merian's work from their collections. The exhibition also pays attention to the natural historians who influenced her, and those who were influenced by her. Additionally, rare examples of Marian's Blumenbuch are displayed. The exhibition also shows how her designs were translated into pieces of embroidery that were used for alba amicorum (“friendship books”). More information (in German) can be found here.